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Your Cats Will Love This Toys

Do you walk through the pet store, see the many toys available for your cat, and wonder if the expense will be worth it? Cats can be fickle creatures, but a good time can be found with almost any toy. Cats are like children they go through stages and sometimes need age appropriate toys and can get bored very easily. Some suggestions for toys include the cat towers, stuffed mice, small amounts of catnip, stuffed animals, ribbons, and plastic balls.

From an early age, kittens learn to pick up things in their mouths. It is an instinct, just like using their claws. When a cat plays, they like to grab and bit their toys. Let us look at the toys listed above. A cat tower is a great way to teach you cat where it is appropriate to climb. It will keep them off the blinds or curtains while giving them hours of fun. There are many styles of cat towers from the two story towers to the ones rising to the ceiling. The answer to your question is, the more levels they have the more fun and enjoyment they will receive out of a cat tower. A cat will use the tower for play as well as sleep. They like to bat at ropes and other items dangling off the tower as well as going through little tunnels up to the next level. If you have two cats you will have fun watching them give chase to the top often trying to knock the other off. A cat tower can be practical because they will scratch at it rather than your couch.

Stuffed mice are also important to any kitty’s playtime. Not all mice are the same; most cats prefer the small leather mice with the multi colored fur and long tails. These mice come in twelve packs or three packs, and believe me if they are anything like my kitty they will tear them apart. Cloth mice are typically second during playtime. If you find your kitty to be uninterested in mice you might want to check the type of mouse you have bought them.

Catnip toys are very popular. Catnip will cause your cat to be more rowdy, which can be a plus because they wear down faster. Catnip before bedtime is a great way to get your cat to sleep for quite a while and leave you to slumber. Catnip should be given out sparingly. You do not want to give your cat catnip everyday because it can have adverse affects to their behavior. They can start to depend on it and have mood swings.

I have found the best toy may just be your old stuffed animal lying around the house. My kitty, Spooky, will bring me a stuffed animal when she is ready to play and she has stuffed animals in her toy basket. There is nothing more amusing than watching my kitty brings me a stuffed animal bigger than she is and proceeds to toss it in the air and pounce. Cats like the feel of certain things in their mouths that is why they chew on paper, plastic and even your blankets. The feel of the material in their mouths allows them to clean their teeth or when they are teething help reduce the pain. The stuffed animal can work in much the same way and keep them away from harmful products.

To answer my above question you do not have to go to great expense to entertain your cat, however when you spend a little on toys you keep your kitty from getting bored. You may even decide to hide a few toys and reintroduce them after a few months to keep from purchasing new ones all the time. Just make sure it is not the favorite toy of your pet or they may find other ways to entertain themselves that you do not find amusing.

Selasa, Juni 30, 2009

Start and getting that Baby on Film

In the many types of photography you may have to do as a photographer, baby shots may be the most difficult.  Even if you are not a professional photographer but you are trying to get a great looking portrait of your own child, getting them to cooperate is a major undertaking.

The first rule to live by with baby photography is that, as a matter of face, they ARE the boss of this shoot.  The entire process has to be built around that fragile mood of this child.  But there are a couple of tricks of the trade you can use, professional or amateur to get the best shot of that sweet baby.

Baby’s respond well when they are fed and rested, with people they know and trust and when they get all the attention.  So right off the bat, you as mom and dad can see to it that the shoot happens when requirement number one has been met.  Now, that is not always easy.  If you have an appointment to take the baby to the get his or her portrait made at the local photography studio, that mood may not be the way you want it to be.

That is why, if at all possible we would discourage taking the shots in a studio.  If you can set up a shoot at the baby’s home, where there is a comfortable setting and much that is familiar around, you have many more opportunities to get that smile that will make the portrait of a lifetime there.  Now that calls for a “house call” by the photographer but if he or she is a photographer that wants only the best shot of the child, they will work with what you want.

Another advantage of scheduling the shoot at home is that you know when the baby usually is at his or her best so you can schedule it when that time of day is just right.  In fact if the photographer can show up during nap time, there is plenty of time to stage the shot before the angel awakens.  And by eliminating the car ride to the studio, you take away a huge risk of that fragile mood going south en route.

A second tip comes from the fact that babies like people they know.  So if the photographer has time to meet the child, play with him or her and get a rapport started, then they will be more receptive to playful direction to get the shot you want.  You will have to be clever how you introduce the camera as it can either be an object of fear or looked upon as a toy and the baby will want to play with it.

As far as the camera goes, think about the kind of equipment you will utilize to get that perfect baby portrait.  You want it to be portable, so you can do those on location shots that work so much better.  It should be small, both for portability and to not alarm the child.  Digital is best because you can shoot lots of shots and never have to reload.  But make sure it’s a good quality piece of equipment that will shoot at a high resolution so when you get that prefect shot, it will transfer to a portrait printing nicely.

By setting up the room with the kind of backdrops that will create a good portrait, you can then have the baby begin to play with her or her toys and interact with parents, siblings or the photographer in a happy way.  Before long that sound of the camera clicking and even the flash will become familiar and the baby won’t pay it any mind. 

The best shots are of the baby laughing.  Try to get on the same level with the child as he or she plays.  Mom and dad know the notices or games that always get a giggle so exploit their inside information extensively.  The baby will enjoy getting to know you and hearing those familiar games coming from you should do well at getting that sweet laugh or smile you want.

By learning the baby’s personality and how to get in sync with the child, you can coax pictures from the shoot that might other wise be impossible to get.  And that is what you want if a portrait of a baby that you want to last a lifetime.

Senin, Juni 29, 2009

Explosions in the Sky on paper

How do you photograph an explosion?  Well, when it comes to a fireworks show, it takes plenty of planning and anticipation of what you will need.  Despite the fact that a fireworks display is a preplanned event, that spectacular moment when the fireworks explode in the sky is still a split second when everything has to work right for you to get the perfect photograph. 

Now obviously, there are some equipment issues that have to be prepared to have your camera not only set up and ready but at the proper settings to capture that moment when all glory cuts loose in the sky.  So from an equipment stand point…

.    A tripod.  The activity of the fireworks is so dramatic that unless you stabilize your camera, the shot will be blurred and unacceptable to you and to whoever you may wish to sell it to.  The tripod should be easily transportable and adjustable so you can make adjustments on the fly.

.    A shutter release that functions externally.

.    Equipment to work at night as that is when your subject is going to occur.  You can get a head mounted flashlight at any camping store so you can direct the light at the camera and still have both hands free to handle your equipment.

.    A portable chair as there will be some waiting.  Anything else that will help you ride out the wait such as food, water, music etc. should also be part of your preparations.

Because the fireworks explosion is sudden and fast, you need to be able to adjust the shutter speed and have the camera set up to react to manual focus so you can use your eyes and ears to know exactly when to snap that shot.

The key to a great or a series of great fireworks photographs is location.  You want a location that has an outstanding vantage point view of the piece of sky where the most action will take place.  This means you may need to take a position on a bridge, on top of a building or on a hill away from the crowds that come to see the show.  This is not going to be easy to find so start early.  It is not out of line to “scope out” your location days in advance and arrive hours in advance to secure that spot as yours. 

Experience is going to be one of your best teachers as to not only the right location but how to set your camera focus and shutter speeds and how to position the view from the secured location so you can capture the rocket at the moment of explosion.  So find ways to do some practice shoots at other fireworks displays before you set out to do the “keeper” shot.  Many times minor league baseball clubs have fireworks shows and they would happily let you take photographs of the show in exchange for a few free shots.  Here you can experiment with your experiment and get your bearings before setting up for a larger show.

Once the show gets underway, anticipate the explosion that you want to capture.  Don’t snap the first five minutes of the show but use that time to confirm that you have the right sky location scouted.  The best times to capture the shot are right before the explosion which you can time by the sound of the rocket going up and the expected time before eruption.

With some experience you will get your sixth sense about where and when to snap that perfect photo and when you are done, you will have some spectacular shots to include with your portfolio or to display proudly.  And this will lead to even more work photographing explosions in the sky.

Minggu, Juni 28, 2009

Alat Gambar Computer - Adobe Photoshop

In the history of photography, there has never been a time that we can achieve such phenomenal results in editing as has happened in the digital age.  And while there are a myriad of tools that the computer and internet have made available to us to enhance and change the images that come from a photo shoot, none can top the popularity and power of Adobe Photoshop.  The program has become so synonymous with editing and creating effects that the term, “to Photoshop” has become a verb that means to enhance or alter an image. 

We can “Photoshop in” new outfits, accessories or even people to a shot where it was just not possible before.  So if you want a picture of you shaking hands with the president, you don’t have to go to Washington to get it, just “Photoshop” your image into the image of the president and it will look as real as if you had been there.

Similarly, we can “Photoshop” out things from a picture we don’t want to see there anymore.  So if you have a physical flaw, that can be removed.  You can even remove a distracting person from the background of the shot.  The program is so sophisticated that these images are possible and you really cannot tell the alteration has been made.

Photoshop has become such a de facto standard for photo processing that if you are setting up a photography studio or business, a copy of the software is as necessary as Microsoft word or PowerPoint.  The good thing about this software is that it is readily accessible and a lot of people know how to use it.  So if you feel insecure about learning yet another computer application, you can probably find a college student, someone at the high school or maybe the junior high that knows Photoshop in and out and can help you jump start your use of the software as well.

But Photoshop has not always dominated this genre.  The program was created in 1989 by two brothers, John Knoll and Thomas Knoll.  While the brothers developed Photoshop for custom uses they had at the time, it wasn’t long before the market potential of this software became evident.  So, being smart entrepreneurs, John and Thomas founded a little company called Adobe and began operations in 1990. 

Adobe has been a shining example of how to achieve success in the age of the internet.  Today few of us who use the internet are not aware of Adobe.  You probably cannot find a personal computer that uses the internet that does not have a free copy of the Adobe reader on it to read PDF files.  The PDF format is yet another example of how this little company has created and then taken over a particular market of online business.

To really become skilled at using Photoshop, the first thing to do is probably find a copy to play with.  Like most computer applications, you can probably find a copy on a friend’s computer just to tinker with it and get a feel for the controls.  Then if your friend is a wizard at Photoshop, let him or her show you some of the real “wiz-bang” things they can do with Photoshop using the same menus you were just tinkering with.  This little Saturday afternoon experiment could turn you into a Photoshop addict forever.

After that, you would do well to download a copy for yourself.  You can get an evaluation version that will give you most of the features.  But you really only need that if you are not sure if you are going to buy a copy.  Since Photoshop dominates this market, you almost certainly will buy a copy so you might save some frustration and purchase a licensed copy right away.  Now, you will probably find yourself playing with the software for long hours just having fun and that’s great.  But don’t overlook the value of taking some organized classes in photo editing using Adobe Photoshop.  These classes can show you the shortcuts and how to get the most out of the software.

From there on out, your imagination is the only limit to how you will use this tool to make your photographs better for your customers.  And you will be able to respond enthusiastically when someone says, “that’s ok, you can just Photoshop that and fix it right up.” Amazing Photoshop.

Jumat, Juni 26, 2009

Popular Paintball Games - Bola di Cat ?

Di bawah ini adalah sebuah artikel tentang Games yang Popular yaitu Paintball. Bila di bahasakan menjadi Pemainan Bola Cat. Silahkan baca artikel di bawah ini:

As paintball improved and became popular, many individuals tried their abilities at it; giving rise to the assortment and diversity of paintball tournaments and games.

Recreational or Capture the Flag  

Played by two teams, where each team has a flag and the objective of both teams is to capture or seize the opponent’s flag and carry it to your team’s starting point. This is one way for your team to win and another way is by eliminating the opposing team entirely.

Each team has to defend their base and simultaneously dispatch team players to eliminate the opponent and capture their flag. 

These games are usually played in the forest; bunkers and structures can be put up throughout the area.

Scenario Paintball

This is a paintball game with a theme set up behind it: there are an endless number of themes that can be created making the game feel and look very realistic.  There are a number of players; in many cases as many as a hundred are involved in each team.

Each team gets the theme (storyline) a day before the start of the game. There are usually two teams participating, having the “general” as a team’s leader. 

Each player is given a role and they should work together as a team in order to carry out and win an assigned mission. Props in accordance with the theme are introduced and distributed throughout the field. There are questions asked in connection with the theme and points are awarded for correct answers.

These points are totaled at the conclusion of the game and the team having the most number of points wins.


This can be played right at your own backyard, a friend’s empty property or at times any property but you must as you get permission first.  You gather your friends to form a group and then conceptualize your own game which typically is “capture the flag”.


Also called “Center Flag”, the speedball field is designed with many huge bunkers; usually “inflatables” filled with air that are shaped similar to big snakes, soda cans, water tanks etc.

Here, a team can be composed of between three to ten players in a game. There is only one flag that is involved and it is located at the center of a field.  The two teams start at each end of the field and attempt to gain possession of the flag at the center and carry it to their bunker. The team that does this successfully wins. 

Paintball can surely challenge the “soldier” in you.  Give it a shot!

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Paint your picture with the best camera

Some people like a good and nice picture. But they don't have a skill to painting and make an art of picture. Now you can make a good picture with camera. There are many camera from the cheap one until high price to get a camera. Why you are not try the camera to experience your favorite picture. With your phone, a little camera can make a nice drawing on your screen. Set up a printing on digital way to make a nice picture. You can edit with photoshop, mac sytem or anything program to improve the actual picture to be your.
Looking many brand on camera can make you confuse to choose your camera. Try a cheap one. Shoot and looking on your computer. After shooting a thousand pic. you will be know. What is the best picture for you.

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Great color for your eye

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Some Tips on Edmonton Dating Services

Just when you think that the world has become a lot smaller because of advances in technology, people have nonetheless drifted away from each other. That is why the old-fashioned way of dating may not always work. The good news though is the creation of dating services. If you are living in an urban city like Edmonton or other parts of Canada, finding a date can be challenging. Because most single people are busy with work, they no longer have the time to hang out in clubs or attend parties to look for a potential date or partner. That is why more people seek help from Edmonton dating services.

Most dating services operate in a similar way. You tell them who you are and what you want, and they try to find someone who'd best fit the description that you gave. At the same time, your personality should also fit the description that the other person wants. In short, it is practically a matchmaking service. But while others go the extra mile by arranging the date for their clients, other dating service providers, especially these online dating service websites, grant you access to a catalog where you do the choosing yourself.

There are many sources of dating services. By browsing through the yellow pages, you'll find these companies where you can make a short personal ad or video. Your video, as well as dozens of others, shall then be viewed by their subscribers. They will then inform the company if they are interested in meeting this particular person. The company will then arrange for their date. This kind of dating service is also called video dating service.

Another way of acquiring dating services is through the internet. Here, the results are limitless. Some of these services are for free. Be cautious though of these free sites, as they may be sources of internet scam sometimes. Sites that require you to pay may be a bit costly. However, if the website charges you a certain fee, it is not a guarantee that it will yield favorable results. Free or not, professional internet scammers may just be lurking in the shadows. That is why these companies constantly remind their clients to exercise caution at all times.

Still another source of dating service is the phone. Some mobile phone companies give this as part of their service, or for an added cost.

In searching for the right dating services provider, choose one that has a proven track record in the dating services scene. Browse through their website. Search for some feedback that others may give regarding the company.

If possible, choose one where members are interviewed and screened before registration. While they may charge higher rates because of extra services that they provide, in the long run, you will thank them for ensuring your safety. Of course you've heard of horrifying stories regarding stalking and date rape. These measures are effective in minimizing such incidences. Other companies conduct a more personalized approach by providing orientation as well as dating and relationship tips.

Edmonton dating services can be availed of through many ways. All you need is to have some patience and an open mind. Decide on what kind of dating service would work for you. Then make some research before signing up for any particular service provider. Lastly, don't forget to have fun!