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Before You Hire a Wedding Planner

There is no denying the fact that planning a wedding can be incredibly stressful. There are so many details to coordinate and keep track of that it is so easy to let something slip through the tracks and get either overlooked or not given enough attention. Sure there are some brides, and grooms, who are such perfectionists that they will not delegate even a single task but for others who are willing to enlist the help of a professional a wedding planner can really make a huge difference. Not only can the wedding planner make life so much easier for the bride by handling and coordinating many of the details of the wedding but she can also help the bride find great deals through connections she may have in the industry and can make recommendations for experienced professionals that will help to make the wedding day perfect. This article will discuss some things to consider before hiring a wedding planner.

First and foremost a bride should carefully consider the type of role a wedding planner will play in the process of planning the wedding. Some brides may be confident handing over all of the planning details to a wedding planner, some brides may only allow a wedding planner to perform a few minor tasks and most brides will fall somewhere in the middle of this spectrum. The majority of brides who hire a wedding planner want to be involved in every step of the process but are intimidated by the prospect of planning the wedding so they rely on the wedding planner to keep track of details, make sure nothing is overlooked and deal with vendors.

Next a bride, along with anyone else involved in paying for the wedding, will have to consider the fees charged by the wedding planner. This is very important because depending on the amount of work required the cost of employing a wedding planner can add significantly to the budget for the wedding. Some wedding planners charge an hourly rate, some charge for each task handled by the wedding planner and some charge a flat fee for all of the services provided to assist in the wedding planning and preparations. It is important to understand these fees beforehand and to have a contract that carefully outlines all of the services which will be performed by the wedding planner and the fees that will be paid to the wedding planner. Without this type of contract there are likely to be disputes. However, with a contract in place the bride and the wedding planner can proceed with confidence that everyone involved knows what is expected of them during the process of planning the wedding.

When it is time to start narrowing down your options for wedding planners it is very important to seek out recommendations from trusted sources. Friends or family members who have used a wedding planner in the past will likely give you an honest opinion of whether or not a particular wedding planner is a worthwhile investment. Brides should also use the Internet to learn about wedding planners and search for reviews. There may be hundreds of wedding planners located in your city but if you start by only considering those who come highly recommended your search will be much easier.

Once you use personal recommendations and online reviews to narrow your field of wedding planners down to a few contenders it is time to schedule interviews .This is incredibly important for a number of reasons. First of all you want to select a wedding planner who is capable of planning a wedding that will meet your expectations and suit your style. Ask to see pictures from previous weddings and ask for details on the role played by the wedding planner. It is also important to get a good feel for the wedding planner’s personality during this interview. This is significant because you will be spending a great deal of time with the wedding planner over the course of the next few months. If you can’t get along with her it can not only be uncomfortable but may result in you not having your dream wedding.

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Breeding Koi Must Be The New Black

Breeding Koi must be the new black because everyone is doing it. You would think that it would require someone old and oozing with experience, right? Wrong, naturally everyone is doing it so anyone can do it. That works for me. What would be reasons a person would want to breed Koi? Well, maybe they want to earn a huge return in profit, maybe their friend is doing it and they want to keep up with the newest fad or it could be that they just like Koi and think that breeding is a fun hobby. Hobbies are a good way to keep a person busy. Yes, breeding Koi can be quite expensive, but like most hobbies, the enjoyment that you get out of it outweighs the monetary loss, if any, by a huge margin.

Since the Spring and Summer months are the best time to breed Koi, this should probably be the only hobby you take up during this time. Even though the breeding is only for fun, you want to take it serious and dedicate as much time as you can to it so that you get the best possible outcome. If you are like me, you are a perfectionist at everything you do so make all of your selections wisely. From beginning to end, no one step is more important than the last.

When selecting you’re mating Koi, you want to make sure you have the “cream of the crop”. For example: If one egg in the basket is cracked, chances are they are all cracked. The best only come from the best so you may have to shop around in order to find the two that you need but when you find them you will know. You want to make that sure your Koi are around 4-5 years, in this way they are not too young or too old which would prevent them from being able to easily produce offspring. With so many different Koi to choose from, your personal preference will have the deciding vote on color and type, but remember quality is much more important than the way something looks.

Is your breeding pond all set up? Yes, you have to have a separate space to breed the Koi. Unfortunately, unlike goldfish, you cannot just stick these two Koi into a 10 gallon tank, fill it up with water, throw some pretty little decorations in it and wait for the babies to come. We only wish it would work that way. An ideal pond would be one that is round in shape and has no more than 1,000 gallons of water, with a water temperature between 18 and 20 degrees celcius. If you live in a house, it would be extremely beneficial for your pond to be right in your backyard, this way you can keep a very close eye on the breeding process from the comfort of your own home.

The full process of breeding Koi is quite extensive; it entails a lot of planning so you want to be sure to select the best fish, that is the most lucrative step.. Make sure that you have all of your equipment and materials together because if you are missing even one necessity, it is going to completely mess you up. Since this is just a hobby, you want to remain interested. Quite often, we easily give up on hobbies throughout or lifetime because they are no longer fun or it becomes too much work, so if you think this may be you, then breeding Koi may just be that one hobby that you don’t take on. Happy Breeding.

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Koi Fish Breeding For Profit

When we talk about fish breeding, the first thing that comes in mind is the fact that fish spawn huge number of eggs and when these eggs hatch the fry grow to be mature fish then you sell them generating huge profits. If this is your idea about koi breeding then do yourself a favor and do not breed any type of fish, especially koi.

Koi fish could be a very profitable business but for hard workers who do not plan to take any vacations in the near future and work for a long period of time daily. As every profitable business, koi breeding is risky. One mistake and you are out of the game, but on the other hand if you played it by the book then you will get a nice rewarding profit.

To start koi breeding you should be prepared completely to face any usual or unusual circumstances during the breeding cycle. First, let us browse through some simple facts to give a quick idea about the process.

The female koi fish spawn approximately two hundred thousand fry; let us do some math here. The usual hatching percent of moderate koi equals 50% which results in a 100 000 fry. We can say that one grown fish is sold for anywhere from 50 to 500 dollars according to size and type. A mean calculation price of 80 dollars should be appropriate. The transportation through the United States costs around 15 dollars.

So, let us say that 70 000 fry reach the market size and sold for 80 dollars and subtracting the shipping cost of 15 dollars and another 25 dollars for the growing up cost then the net profit of one fish is approx. 40 dollars; this is a very good profit but it needs a lot of attention to gain it.

There was an old joke saying: when would a person become very rich from breeding a koi fish? The answer was: well….. He should become very reach in the beginning. That proves that breeding koi is not a small project that you are going to start it with few bucks and then you get bored and get rid of it. It is a big project that invests a reasonable amount of money to gain tangible profit.

The first requirement which is even before the money is the place. You need a big pond filled with water that can be aerated and circulated on daily basis. Your pond should be deep enough to keep constant temperature at the bottom half. Filters and especially bio filters are very important to keep the koi fish healthy.

Bottom line, you should be prepared to spend money and time before expecting to start receiving your profit. As long as you are keeping your eyes on the koi pond, you will keep getting profit from it. If you think that after a while you will be able to sit back and the farm will generate money alone then you should really think twice. Koi are a sensitive fish that need attention and caring and it will give you the suitable rewarding profit for the time and effort invested. Do not waste your time, be prepared and read a lot and then apply what you read in a good koi farm and you won’t regret it!

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It Is Your Wedding

One big mistake many engaged couples make is allowing others to be too involved in the process of planning their wedding. This becomes a problem when the others who are involved have strong opinions which do not accurately reflect the couple. The opinions of the others may begin to influence the plans for the wedding and will likely result in a wedding which is not indicative of the tastes of the engaged couple. This article will discuss a few ideas for how a couple can handle situations where friends or family members are trying to control the wedding plans.

Perhaps one of the most difficult wedding planning situations occurs when there is someone other than the engaged couple who is paying for the wedding. The reason why problems tend to occur in this type of situation is the friends or family members paying for the wedding, or contributing to the cost of the wedding, expect to have a say in the planning process. While it is certainly true that those paying for the wedding should have some say in matters that affect the budget, they should not expect to intrude on other aspects of the wedding planning. For example given the size of the guest list, the people paying for the wedding may rule out certain locations for the wedding because they will be too expensive. However, where two locations are priced equally, the couple should be able to decide between the locations based on their own personal preference.

Unfortunately there are also many situations where the couple is paying for the wedding themselves but friends or family members are still intruding on the wedding planning process and trying to influence decisions. While it is easier in these cases to tell the friend or family member their opinions are not wanted than it is to do the same when the friend or family member is contributing financially it can still create problems. The friend or family member’s feelings may be hurt and it can cause a serious rift in the relationship. The best way to avoid this situation is to be clear from the start about the level of involvement you wish the individual to have in the process of planning the wedding. If this is not done and the pushiness of the friend or family member becomes a problem it is best to deal with the problem immediately rather than harboring resentment as the problem escalates.

Still another situation in which an engaged couple may feel as though the plans for their wedding are out of their control occurs when the couple hires a wedding planner who is presumptuous and makes decisions without consulting the couple. This type of situation may also occur if the couple hires a wedding planner but does not speak up about their needs, wants and expectations. This may be because the couple has a hard time speaking up, the wedding planner is overly pushy or a combination of the two. Regardless of the cause of the problem, this is one of the easiest situations to handle. This is because the couple can fire the wedding planner if things are not working out. However, sitting down with the wedding planner and discussing the issues first is idea. This way the wedding planner has the opportunity to learn what the problem is and attempt to correct the problem.

Finally, a couple should always be willing to do whatever is necessary to maintain ownership for the wedding plans if they choose to do so. This may mean making some difficult decisions but it can also greatly improve the outcome of the wedding for the engaged couple. In a case where one set of parents or both parents are contributing to the cost of the wedding and being overly pushy about decisions it may be worthwhile for the engaged couple to consider paying for the wedding themselves. The couple may not be able to have as elaborate as a wedding but in the end they will be happier with the results if they are free to make all of the decisions during the planning process than they would be if they are being influenced by others.

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Technical Koi Information

Let us get technical about breeding koi! Koi was first identified in Japan, to be a multi colored fish in the carp ethnicity. Its special or most dominant feature is in its outer skins vibrant colored spots that give impression of decorated fish. And the name Koi stands for friendship in Japan and may be it is the reason for most of Japanese people to cultivate koi around their household. In Japan koi stands for friendship and love!

With dates back to eighteenth century, koi breeding got the popularity in Japan. Later this fish was spread thru out the world and except the Polar Regions, koi fishes are every where. This fish is adored by all the civilizations around the world. Their huge growth rates have worked as a boon for any koi breeder, economically and socially. The huge growth potential from single parenting koi fish is something a trend that took away the world in the beginning of last century. Even, there are records that too much koi fishes have vastly affected major water ways in different countries. There growth rate holds the economic prospect for any breeder.

Though the breeding started when some ancient farmers noticed the stunning colors in their rice fields, now they are more or less staying in the ponds or tanks. Those farmers took few of them, got some taste and start to think about cultivating them. They have later identified ways to manipulate the colors on these koi fishes. Especially the Kohaku, Sanke, Showa, Tancho, Asagi, Shushi, Bekko, Goshiki, Ogon, Koromo, Butterfly Koi and Ghost Koi are greatly praised round the globe. Their coloring, patterns, scaling are different and distinguishable to each other.

The reproduction process of koi fish is similar to that of other fishes. The female koi fish hatches numerous numbers of eggs, and then it becomes the duty of male koi fish to fertilize them. The female koi fish lays eggs in numbers of hundred thousands. So it is a crowd going to fill any pond likely in few months time. Baby koi fishes are referred as fry. When these hatched eggs are cultivated, fertilized and nurtured, hundred and thousands of fries fill the pond or incubating tanks. This is the reason why some water ways got blocked for koi fish. Think of a two generation cycles from single parenting koi fish.

You get a minimum of hundred thousand koi fishes in few months. Then these hundred thousands fishes will lay eggs reaching their maturity to hundred thousand times to their number. Could you figure out the number? I could not. What I can say, a pond filled with fishes instead of water! This spiraling and spawning of koi fish holds the economic prospect of the koi breeder.

It is only the aqua culturist or koi fish breeder specialist can perfectly nurture the fries. And they need to have patience to do this type tedious job. They can understand which parenting fish to use, how to nurture the fries to get desired colored koi. The main technical aspect of koi breeding depends on the reducing defection rate. Most of the laid eggs do not produce healthy and sound offspring. It is the breeders’ task to cull these defective offspring thru different stages and controlled environment. As not all the offspring pass thru the culling process, lots of fries are used as fish food for other fishes. Only the survived koi that are good in size, shape and color are sold.

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