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The Soul of Painting – Themes

Are you an art buff? Well, if you are, you and millions of other individuals surely don’t prefer the same style of painting. Each individual has his or her own yaste in art. A person who likes abstract painting may not like gothic painting. Water color and oil painting are very much different and so, you may not like them both. People are like this because of the soul of the painting – themes.

Each painting has a distinct theme. In fact, theme is considered of primary importance in each art piece including paintings. It is the painting's life and therefore an essential element. If you can tell the theme of a particular painting, you can easily pinpoint how and why it was created. But of course, this will take time and expertise.

If you want to paint, make sure that you establish first the theme of your painting. Otherwise, your painting will be lifeless. You can choose among these various themes – animal figures, gods, goddesses, mythology, romance, nature, court scenes, folk lore, literature, and many others. It's really up to you to choose. You see, painting themes are based from imagination and real life. Make sure that you choose one that you're really interested in and can put it into life.

If you like nature paintings, your theme may be landscapes, skyscapes, seascapes, riverscapes, and many others. Suppose you choose landscapes. You can do abstract paintings of the landscapes, acrylic painting, American painting, oil paintings, Chinese paintings, watercolor, urban paintings, romantic landscapes, renaissance, and so on. If you made an oil painting of the landscapes, you can still create sub-themes.

Some painters base their themes according to the medium they use. You can use watercolor, oil, ink, pastel colors, and other naturally obtained colors. Based on the medium you're using, you can do elephant, cats, or camel paintings or whatever it is that you desire.

It is believed that humans have souls and without the souls, man will cease to exist. This too can used to explain the themes of paintings. Without a theme, your painting will be lifeless. It will be in disarray and no one can appreciate it. Paintings come into life if you use the right medium and the right theme. This should be your first task as a painter.

Art admirers are always on the hunt for beautiful and meaningful paintings. As mentioned earlier, each individual has his or her own art preference. But despite this fact, the theme is still of great value for art admirers. Without a theme, art admirers will not be able to choose a particular work of art.

There are many resources online that you can use to help you in establishing a painting theme. New painters should also do some research about painting – how painting started, its evolution, the famous paintings, and many other helpful information. This wills serve as your guide as you start your painting sessions. Some individuals even enroll in painting schools to learn the basics of painting.

You too can enroll in painting classes to enhance your talent. Painting as a career is not a very easy task. You have to learn many things so that other people can appreciate your work. But there are also those who find painting a great hobby. It helps them to ease tension after a hard day's work. Whatever your reasons are, just continue what you're doing. Who knows, you may be the next Da Vinci or Michelangelo.

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Nature Paintings: A Great Addition to Your Living Room

Do you live in a condo or in a city where a single tree is a very rare sight? Do you want to get out of your concrete world and visit a place where nature is unspoiled and that the view is fantastic and awe inspiring? If you are, then the next best thing to do than pack your bags, leave the city and your work is by getting a nature painting hanged in your living room or in your office.

You have to face the fact that in today's world, going on trips to a secluded and unspoiled spot in the world is very expensive. Also, with today's hectic lifestyle, you will find it hard to go on vacation and leaving your work. Surely you wouldn’t want to go on vacation with your laptop with you just to work, would you?

If you want to experience the sight of nature every single day, the best thing that you can do is by purchasing a painting that depicts the wonder of nature. If you have a knack for painting, you can try painting nature yourself.

The great thing about painting nature by yourself is that you will be able to paint nature that way you want it to be. This means that you will be able to have your very own special place in your living room or in your office.

The great thing about most nature paintings is that it is very relaxing. The sheer beauty of the view of a waterfall and lush rain forest is something that cannot be compared to a smog-filled air in the city or a view of skyscrapers and cars bustling around the highways.

Whether it is winter nature paintings you want or the view of the ocean and even the Grand Canyon, you can be sure that there are quite a lot of depictions of nature in paintings.

Just keep in mind that great nature paintings don't last really long with the artist. With the popularity of this type of painting continuing to rise, it will be quite hard for you to get your hands on one. You will see that many people like you will also be looking for the similar nature paintings that you are looking for. So, you might want to visit the art galleries where shows are being held regularly in order for you to choose the painting you want before someone else purchases it.

You might want to take a look at some of the works of artists who paints nature through the internet. You will see that in order to sell their paintings, most artists will use the internet to advertise their paintings that is available for sale. You have to remember that most professional artists will only make the painting once. So, before it is too late, you might want to purchase the painting you want right away.

So, if you want a great addition to your home that will truly relax you and give you a piece of nature, you might want to purchase a nature painting. With this type of painting, you will be able to enhance the appearance of your home and you will also have something that will be able to take your imagination away from the busy city and into the heart of nature.

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Useful Ideas for Face Painting for Beginners

There are many styles and techniques used in painting. Some painters paint over canvas, stones, walls, paper, and many others. But did you know that face painting is gaining popularity over the years?

Face painting started many years ago. In fact, ancient people already practiced face paintings like the Egyptians and many other tribes. Today, people love face painting. It gives them pleasure and at the same time, they are also having fun. If you want to learn face painting, you should make use of these ideas for face painting.

If this is your first time to do face painting, you have to gather much information about the topic. You can read a face painting book or you can also watch videos that teach beginners how to do face painting. If you want, you can also search the net for useful information regarding this particular work of art. Study the information you've gathered.

After that, go to an art shop and purchase paints, paint brushes, sponges, and other materials that you will use. If you want to improve your skills in face painting, you will have to practice. As the saying goes – practice makes perfect. If you simply leave the paints, brushes, and all your other art materials lying around, you will not learn anything. During your vacant time or when you're just relaxing and doing nothing, pick up your brush and start painting.

You have to have someone who you can practice with but just make sure that you practice with an older child or an adult. Having small children around is not a good idea as they have shorter attention span. They will only be fidgety and you can't do a good job. By having an adult or a much older child, you can practice without any complaints. The person should also be interested in face painting so that you will not encounter any problems and difficulty.

When you're already face painting, apply only thin coats of paint. Don’t apply a think coating or layer otherwise, the design will tend to crack and cake.

If you need to apply two or more layers of paint, let the first layer dry first. Once the first layer is completely dry, you can now apply the second layer. To outline the shapes you're making, you can make use of makeup pencils. You can also purchase this in art shops.

Don’t try difficult designs like symmetrical ones. You can do this if you're already experienced. For starters, you can do animals because it is not very detailed when it comes to the designs on both sides of the face. Painting a butterfly is difficult because it is a symmetrical design. You have to wait until you're ready for that.

Try to use your imagination. You can create small tattoos or stamps like spiders, snakes, lizards, and many others. You can use temporary tattoos as reference but make sure that you choose one that is appropriate for face painting.

The internet offers many possibilities. If you're really artistic and you came up with unique ideas for face painting, you can make your own collections and build your own site. This way, you can create your hobby into a business.

Face painting can remove stress and tension. Practice this excellent work of art. Once you've developed the skill, you can try the more difficult techniques or styles.

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Important Information on Paintings for Would Be Painters

Man, as its essence of his or her humanity, is constantly fascinated and curious in all sorts of things. Because of this, man was able to create many wonders in this world and he can use them to his own advantage. Many years ago, man also took interest in painting. In fact, you can see paintings all over the world.

During the prehistoric times, painting was already being practiced. Many cave paintings were found in Mexico, India, and France. Today, the cave paintings in Adamgarh and Bhimbetka are still clearly visible. Even the colors used by the prehistoric people look lively and fresh.

Surrounding regions such as meadows, moors, rivers, hills, clouds, skies, seas, people, birds, and animals reflect human disposition. The vibrancy and colorfulness of the entire surroundings served as man's inspiration to recreate nature's magic on caves, rocks, canvas, walls, paper, cloths, and many other surfaces. Paintings are given variety through the use of various media such as water colors, oil colors, pastel, and a lot more.

Paintings are considered as an art forms. Through the years, the works of outstanding artists were considered phenomenal. Great painters included Leonardo Da Vinci, Raphael, Michelangelo, Dali, Vincent Van Gogh, M. F. Husain, and Pablo Picasso. These painters had their own specializations and they used different styles as shown on their paintings.

Paintings have existed for thousands of years now and people have witnessed the emergence of diverse painting styles. Very few painters became popular but this does not discourage other ordinary painters to stop making works of art.

Here are the recognized painting styles – Fauvism, Constructivism, Abstract Art, Classicism, Aestheticism, Aboriginal Art, Art Nouveau, Art Brut, Byzantine Art, Baroque, Cubism, Dragging, Dada, Encaustic, Expressionism, Gothic, Impressionism, Marbling, Mannerism, Modernism, Minimalism, Neoclassicism, Primitivism, Stippling, Ragging, Realism, Surrealism, Spattering, Symbolism, Wood Graining, and Theorem.

A lot of artists love folk and tribal paintings because of their distinct touch. The natural colors, simplicity, and the local themes being used attracted many art admirers. If you visit India, you will find a lot of folk and tribal paintings dating hundreds of years. When you get the chance to travel to India, try to visit Bihar and Mithila's Madhubani paintings, Maharashtra's Warli paintings, Orissa's Pata Chitra, and Rajasthan's Phad paintings. If you ask tourist guides, you will find out that there are still many painting art works that you can check out.

Whether you're a painter or simply an art lover, you will surely find peace and serenity by just staring at the paintings. You can only appreciate the beauty of paintings if you know a true work of art. Sometimes, it's quite hard to understand the meaning of paintings. For instance, not all individuals appreciate an abstract painting. It will depend on the individual's taste and perception.

Some people love to collect paintings. It can add to your home's beauty and overall design. You can find expensive paintings, as well as cheap ones. If you want, you can shop for paintings online because you will have a wide range of choices there. There are also local painting shops that you can visit. But if you're really into painting, perhaps you might want to try it on your own. Find a suitable medium and work on your own painting.

Paintings are already part of human existence. People should learn to appreciate it. Research more about paintings online and see how they have developed and evolved for thousands of years.

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Leonardo da Vinci's Most Famous Paintings – The Mona Lisa

There are many great painters in history and one of the greatest is Leonardo da Vinci. He created many paintings which art lovers and experts loved. One of his greatest creations which millions of people all over the world from different periods loved is the Mona Lisa. This particular painting of Da Vinci captured the hearts of people because of Mona Lisa's captivating smile.

What's so great about the painting? Well, it took Leonardo over four years to finally finish the painting. After he finished working on the Mona Lisa, he carried the painting anywhere he went and he did this until he finally died. The painting never left his side when he was still alive and because of this, more and more people became truly interested on the Mona Lisa painting. They all wondered why Da Vinci painted it and what it was depicting.

Leonardo painted the Mona Lisa in Italy in 1503. The model was Lisa Ghirardi, the wife of Francesco del Giacondo. According to a biographer named Vasari, the painting was merely a commission. During the time the painting was being made, Ghirardi was pregnant with her second baby. Some other scholars said that the father of Leonardo was a friend of Francesco and that the painting was a gift commissioned by Leonardo's father. Despite the revealed facts, people still didn’t know why Leonardo da Vinci valued the Mona Lisa painting very much when he was still alive. Numerous theories still surfaced but no clear answer was established.

Not all people believed that the model in the painting was Lisa Ghirardi. Other theories have shown the model might be Aragon's Isabella or Constanza d'Avalos or even Milan's Duchess. However, the importance of the painting to Leonardo was still left unanswered. The attachment of Leonardo to the painting was still unknown.

Further theories were still formulated. According to another theory, the Mona Lisa was a self portrait of Leonardo because it was similar to the self portraits of the painter. The similarity of the facial features also postulated that the Mona Lisa was Leonardo's mother, Caterina and not Lisa Ghirardi.

All throughout Da Vinci's life, he was intrigued by anything found in the surroundings. He infused his interests to his various art works including that of Mona Lisa. He was very interested in topography and weather. In fact, the background of Mona Lisa shows the culmination of humanity with nature. All of Leonardo's works were important to him because it was his way of expressing his own life. The Mona Lisa painting was small and yet it took him over four years to complete. It may also be a representation of all his interests in life, and nothing more; only Leonardo knows the real reason of his attachment to the painting.

Four years work is no joke. He put a lot of his energy and time in painting the Mona Lisa. It became his masterpiece and it's not easy to part with something of great value. For over 500 years, people are still wondering what had happened. All sorts of questions are still being asked – why the painting was never bought, did Leonardo lose his commission, and many others. The real reason was buried with the painter and because of the public's great interest the painting is still very popular up to present.

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